innovationLIVE@Turck: Exchange of information among logistics experts

How can an existing location be prepared for the logistics challenges of the next ten years? Under the motto innovation.LIVE, Unitechnik brings the answer to this and many other questions to life. While visiting the Logistics Center in Mülheim an der Ruhr, the general contractor Unitechnik gave participants an overview of the results of the elaborate renovation. A tour of the Turck Logistics Center, restructured by Unitechnik, completed the open house. The systems integrator performed the renovation measures during ongoing operations.

The existing logistics center had reached its maximum limits due to the swift growth of the Turck company. The specialist for industrial automation was therefore faced with the challenge of meeting the logistical demands of the coming years with a highly modified and expanded system in the available space. Turck, with Unitechnik's support, developed a concept to achieve the necessary increase in performance during ongoing operation. "As a customer we profited in particular from the open planning. Unitechnik continued to fine-tune and optimize the concept together with us, until all participants were enthused", says Ulrich vom Bovert, Head of Purchasing and Logistics at Turck. "The renovation measures during the ongoing operation were seamless despite the enormous organizational effort, and didn't cause any delivery constraints."

Great efficiency with optimum ergonomics
Performance and capacity of the system can be doubled with this concept. The Unitechnik warehouse management system UniWare continues to handle the optimized control of the restructured flow of material. "Pre-testing an emulation of the new logistics center ensured that system functions were sound already when taking the system into operation", says Ingolf Mix of Unitechnik. "We merged new and existing system technology over a long weekend." The new structure created space at the Turck Logistics Center, among other things for the integration of an additional three-aisle automated small-parts warehouse (SPW). A lifting beam storage is also a part of the new material flow concept, to consolidate the order containers. This uncoupled the packing area from the picking area. The ergonomic design of workstations was also very important for Turck. "Picking employees are already standing on height-adjustable platforms to relieve back strain", says vom Bovert. "We planned the design of picking and packing station together: with the virtual 3D presentation, our employees were able to take a look at the picking stations in advance and their valuable input played an active role in the optimum design."

Participants had an opportunity to talk with the employees during the tour of the redesigned Turck Logistics Center and could also extensively talk about their experiences among each other. Due to the positive feedback, the system integrator Unitechnik plans additional open houses under the motto innovationLIVE@xxx.